Jobs in demand in Malaysia created by the National Key Economic Activities (NKEAs)

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The NEAC will work with PEMANDU to develop the National Key Economic Activities (NKEAs) in the following areas:

FOREX and Investments FOREX and Investments

·         Electrical and Electronic, where manufacturing, research and development as well as design for Malaysian companies driving innovation will be focused upon.
·         Resource-based industries in palm oil with emphasis on research initiatives. Looks like researchers will be in high demand.
·         Oil and gas sector led by a well developed pool of local talent and companies that are able to compete globally.
·         Services sector ranging from medical tourism, eco-tourism to luxury market and educational tourism. Doctors, dentists, medical and healthcare specialists, nurses, public health assistants, tourist guides, especially niche and foreign speaking ones, interpreters, translators and retail sales staff will be among those highly demanded.
·         Agriculture sector, where high value, large scale, integrated and modern practices of international standards are promoted. Those involved in manufacturing and production operations…

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